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Know more. Save more.

App based solution that your employees will want to use, enabling you to efficiently manage ALL employees that are 'driving for business'.

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With DriverConnex Business you will know more about
the role vehicles play in the mobility of your workforce
and save more time, admin and money in the process.

App Overview

Keep your eyes on the mileage claims and costs of anyone driving on business purposes within your organisation.

Ensure your employees are complying with organisational policy when driving for business purposes.

Ensure your organisation is meeting its responsibilities with regards to it’s ‘duty of care’ for anyone driving for business purposes.

Create a closed community to manage anyone driving for business purposes within your organisation.



DriverConnex app can be downloaded and installed by employees on to their mobile device (including BYOD). There are no black boxes or dongles all you need is a smart phone. Employees can then use the app in any vehicle they use for work. DriverConnex will save employees time, hassle and you money!



The company super-user will have access to a portal to manage report and monitor anyone driving for the business. This platform is flexible and can be scaled up (or down) to cater for the size and shape of your organisation.

The Benefits

Remove the admin burden of managing anyone driving for business

Get insight into how to control & reduce the total costs associated with business mobility (when a vehicle is involved)

Motivate employees to drive safer and more economically

Make sure you are complying with all the relevant legislation relating to employees driving for business*

*Duty of care, business mileage capture, CO2 reporting

Key Features

DriverConnex offers many features for both your employees and your business

For your employees

  • Track business mileage
  • Log and claim for business travel expenses
  • On demand access to support in an accident or breakdown situation
  • Self-serve access to any vehicle service, maintenance & repair providers
  • Comply with driving for work policies and procedures

For your business

  • Review and approve business mileage and expense claims
  • Track journeys in progress by your employees
  • Manage clams for business mileage and other travel related expenses
  • Use mobile device ‘push messaging’ as a new method of employee communication
  • Monitor organisational carbon footprint related to driving for business


DriverConnex Business pricing is simple, with prices from as low as:

As your company changes in size and shape you can simply add (or delete) users at any time. There are no other installation costs, as DriverConnex Business requires no additional hardware.

There are no complicated dongles to install in your vehicles. All you’ll need is a smart phone or tablet with the DriverConnex app installed and a tablet, or desktop, to access the ‘super user’ client web portal.

How it Works

  • 1Sign up for a DriverConnex Business Account
  • 2Determine how many user licences you require (i.e. how many employees drive for business and will need the DriverConnex Business app on their mobile)
  • 3Invite your employees to join send your employees an email with a link to download the app onto their device and join your group using an access PIN
  • 4Manage your group account via the DriverConnex business portal as employees come and go, as the size of your company grows and expands

DriverConnex Enterprise

White label DriverConnex for your complete enterprise solution. Benefit from all the DriverConnex features and enhanced functionality:

  • Mileage manager
  • Expense manager
  • Grey fleet management
  • Real time tracking
  • Incident management

Integrate DriverConnex with your existing system, tailor functionality to your needs and fully control distribution, data and access via the DriverConnex client portal.

More benefits for you

Remember where you parked

Know exactly where it is you left your car. The DriverConnex app records where it is you stopped.

Get breakdown assistance

Know your in safe hands. Using the app you can contact breakdown assistance and find exactly where you need help.

MOT and servicing trackers

Know the right time. DriverConnex can help remind you and keep you up to date so that you make your servicing on time.

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